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Moving tasks in list


In the past, I could move a task upwards in the "to do" list, even if it was priorrity 3 or 4, and put it at the top of the list. Therefore I could reorganize my list as I wanted, independently from the 4 priority levels, Now I cannot any longer. I have had problems with this for approx. 3 days.

For me, 1 (red) is "important and urgent"; 2 (dark blue) is "urgent", 3 (light blue) is important, and 4 (white) is neither important nor urgent. But sometimes I have to start with such tasks which come up regularly.

Could you pleas help me?



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David Trey staff
Replied on Mar 18, 2014 - 13:13 UTC

Hello Pascale,

Due to a lot of issues with this feature and complaints about it's unreliability, we are no longer allowing reordering tasks of different priorities on date-based views. If you need to move a p4 task to the top, you can of course set it to p1 and then put it at the top of the p1 list as tasks within the same priority groups can be reordered. Only mixing priorities is no longer possible.

Best regards,