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I just have a few feature suggestions, mostly as a result of being annoyed by some part of the UI that doesn't quite do what I want it to. It seems like most of them are easy fixes. I can tell that you guys (Todoist management) are aiming for a high-efficiency workflow and there are some things that could be done better. You must already know that one of the keys of customer retention is that the customer feels like the product is doing exactly what they expected it to without having to learn new ways of doing those things (one of the biggest reasons why Apple is so succesful).

- Clicking outside of a text box should deselect the text box. Pressing escape should, too. I don't like that I have to go hit the save button if I accidentally click on text that goes into selection mode on click. I say this because sometimes I meant to click the "notes" button or something, and now I have to take my hands off my keyboard, find the mouse, and

- Double clicking text (project/task names, etc) should allow you to change it. I don't like having to right click and find a menu option, then click on the text field. Double clicking should immediately open edit text mode and highlight the name.

- Workflow suggestion: when adding a task I don't like that I can't ::
<type task name>
<tab to move to date entry field>
<ctrl+::smash spacebar to progress date by 1 each time (or shift+ctrl for weeks):: until I see the date I want>
<tab to move to add task button>
<spacebar to confirm>
....as of now the UI only jumps back and forth between the task entry name and date fields when you hit the tab key. I know you can hit enter, but why not have this ability when every other UI in the world already does this.

- The shortcuts you allow should be reconfigurable. In the options menu put a list of them... such as !!1, !! bold !!, and a text box that allows me to change it to ..1 or .bold. or </em> or <st> or whatever my habits are. Just use tooltip that says "enter the word 'bold' here and whatever else you want to do to make text bold from now on". Everyone comes from a different background and already might be used to using a certain method. Your software should not restrict them to your method.

Big one - Creation of meta-projects should be allowed that don't have the "add task" button, or at least put a way to toggle projects as a header or sub-header. What if a student puts "School" in his Project view, then wants to list each of his/her classes under it as sub-headers, then put what is due in each one under those. I find it annoying when I click on a project with sub-projects and the full view doesn't show heirarchy, and there are "add task" buttons in my way when I'm never going to click them.

- Tasks under a project should be foldable and unfoldable in the project menu.

- When my UI is too small to have the menu and main views on screen, don't automatically close the menu when I do things (such as adding a tag or project). Yes, populate the main view, but don't switch to it and close the menu. Often I want to add more than one thing in the menu and I have to reopen it every time I add one. ... on the other hand, if I hit the tab key or click on the main view, then you can switch to it.

Anyways, enough typing for now (and probably enough reading on your part...), I do like the product so far - one of the best to-do list apps out there. Keep up the good work and keep improving. ^_^

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 12, 2014 - 21:37 UTC

Hello Travis,

Thank you for your feedback.

1. Clicking outside the note box does close it, so does Esc which also closes the task editing or adding box. I just checked it in Firefox and the Windows app.

2. You're welcome to suggest this in our Votebox: https://todoist.com/Vote/

3. You can type int the task's name, hit TAB and in the date field you shouldn't even need to go through dates, you can type "tomorrow" or "tom" or 20 (for the 20th) or even +5 to make it 5 days from now and use Enter even in the date box to save this task and have another task input field opened below.

4. You can use Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I to make the text bold or italic. We can't allow customization for such shortcuts like priority.

5. Please suggest it in our Votebox: https://todoist.com/Vote/

6. They are. Every parent task can have its sub-tasks collapsed using the arrow icon on the left side of the parent task.

7. Please suggest it in our Votebox: https://todoist.com/Vote/

Best regards,

Travis Webb  premium
Replied on Mar 13, 2014 - 06:00 UTC

Thanks for the responses. If I sounded overly critical earlier, sorry. I was in a bit of a hurry. I really do like this software and would like to see it get better. I am going to post my replies in the /vote area.