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import tasks (lists of them) and projects (portfolios of them) and export tasks and projects --> interoperability is key, not just import / export


ToDoIst Developers LISTEN UP !!

You make a product successful by reducing the friction to moving from other tools.

You supposedly support all platforms listed on the left, but NOT .CSV or .XLS file import or export ?? (All, Web, Android, GMail, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox) Focus on data platforms and formats too.

How do you expect users of other products to migrate fast and get on with their work???

If I was born yesterday, or if this was my first day on my first job ever, I MIGHT not have long task lists that I need to transfer in and out of TODOIST. However, I am a project manager. Your product must easily and automatically import and export data. I came to your website looking for an Outlook plugin. Starting from scratch reentering tasks from Outlook wastes our time.

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Richdev Boston
Replied on Mar 04, 2014 - 16:57 UTC

Supposedly the Premium product fixes the import/export deficiency.


I will try it out. Wondering if you fixed the issue with project and task imports and exports too?

Replied on Mar 04, 2014 - 17:21 UTC

I saw that the export is a plain text that could be very very difficult to import inside another app or database. (-1)
What about XSLT / XML or similar...?