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Todoist opens wrong email account

A gmail added as task opens the wrong gmail account and shows the inbox of this account and Gmail says "the conversation you requested no longer exists.

If I am fast enough I can copy the link while opening, then paste it in the correct gmail account and change the 1 in ...mail/u/1/... to a 0, I can open the email.


Very annoying. How can I remedy?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 03, 2014 - 19:01 UTC

Hello Rico,

So you are logged into one account, add an email as a task from this account, stay logged into this account and when you click on this link, it asks you to log into another account? If not - what's different between my description and the way you can reproduce this? Are you switching accounts, are logged into the correct one when trying to open the mail etc.?

In general, we have no control over what URL Gmail will use in what situation (multiple sessions, different accounts etc.), but if you're logged into the right one, it should point you to the correct mail on the correct account (though again - we just grab Gmail's URL so any issues with it not being correct can't be solved on our end, unfortunately :-( ).

Best regards,