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Adding just sent email as a task



I'm trying to add sent email as a task. After sending email I click on the "View message" link and click on Todoist button. This creates new task but its text contains URL to email instead of email itself. After opening email from Sent folder I can add it to a task as usual.

I'd prefer using "View message" link as it requires less clicks. Could you fix it?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 03, 2014 - 14:56 UTC

Hello Roman,

Unfortunately, we can't fix it. The way our plugin works (and the only way we can identify a message) is by looking at the URL which should contain the unique ID of the message.

If you read a message from within the Sent folder manually, you will see an URL like this:


But if you use the "View message" option, then Gmail (for some reason) doesn't show the URL at all and you will only see:


Therefore, our plugin doesn't know that you're looking at a message, let alone which one it is due to the lack of any ID in the URL.

Best regards,