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To Do/Task List manager AND Daily Scheduler


Hi, I'm a brand new user to TD. What I want is an app where I can capture all my to do's, categorise, prioritise etc. I believe TD does this. Then I want to be able to schedule those tasks - not just set a deadline or notification but schedule them into a day e.g. Schedule 'Task A' for between 10am and 11am tomorrow. Then I want to be able to view my to do's by category, priority, etc. AND have a monthly calendar view to see which days I have scheduled to do's and a daily view that will show at what times I have to do's scehduled, what times are free time etc. Does TD have this functionality? In the 5 minutes that I've played with the app I can't see how to get this monthly/daily scheduler view.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Mar 03, 2014 - 02:51 UTC

Hi John,

We do not have any monthly calendar view at this time. As for a date such as 10 and 11, that's also not possible. You can have any date and time, but only one. So "today at 11pm" for example. You could then add a reminder to it for a different date (right click, Reminders).