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Bug in recurring tasks

Hello, I found a problem here and I am surprised that I couldn't find anything similar on the forum.

To reproduce:
1) Create an "every day" recurring task named, for example, "Test". It will be on "today" tasks;
2) Wait one day and the task will be on "yesterday" tasks;
3) Mark it as complete. (it means I've completed the task "Test" from Yesterday, today;

result: The recurring task will appear again "Tomorrow" instead of "Today". But this could not happen, since I've completed the task from Yesterday and TODAY I need to do it again (or lets say, I need to do it twice today = from yesterday and from Today).

If I haven't made myself clear, please let me know, then I try to explain it again, ok?

thank you,

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Estevam Santos
Replied on Feb 13, 2014 - 09:56 UTC

Oh, that's happens to occur in every platform I have TD: Website and Android

David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 13, 2014 - 15:27 UTC

Hello Estevam,

That's the correct behavior. Completing an instance of a recurring task, moves it to the "next available" date counting from today. So a task due "every day" that's overdue and checked off today, moves to the next available day which is tomorrow.

This was, tasks that are overdue by multiple days won't have to be checked off over and over again just to catch up, tasks than can't be caught up such as "make a phonecall" or "take out the trash" also work correctly this way as you won't call the same person 5 times if you've missed the task for 5 days and will take out all trash at once not some of it 5 times.

Of course, we understand that some tasks actually may require catching up multiple times, but in such cases, please fully complete it incl. today's instance and then check it off.

Best regards,