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Bug in Android (Tablet and cellphone)

Hello there!

I've downloaded TD for 2 platforms:
- Samsung Galaxy NOTE II (using Android 4.3 and TD 3.0.9)
- Samsung Galaxy 10.1 (using Android 4.1.2 and TD 3.0.9)
And I am using the TD online website version for my MacBook Pro.

The thing is: Every time I set a task to be done on Saturdays and Mondays, it works fine on the website, but not at the samsung apps.

For example: If I set "Wash dishes" on "Saturday" (and it happens to be 15 feb) , it will automatically be set on "Sunday" (16 feb). The same occurs for Monday tasks.

So, to make the story shorter: If I set "Wash dishes" on Saturday on the computer, it's ok, but it appears on Sunday on the apps.

It seems that my apps don't want me to work at all on Saturdays and Mondays lol

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 12, 2014 - 16:20 UTC

Hello Estevam,

Please make sure that the time zone setting on your mobile devices as well as in Todoist itself are all the same and all set to the correct time zone you're in.

Best regards,

Estevam Santos
Replied on Feb 12, 2014 - 18:04 UTC

Hey David,

I've already done that before I wrote the post, because I read something like my problem on the past posts.
My time zone is GMT -2h (Brasilia, Brazil time). And it's equal to every app.

What else it could be?

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Feb 12, 2014 - 18:25 UTC


From our experience, dates that are changing by one day are almost always a timezone issue. To clarify, you checked Todoist.com's settings, each one of your Android Devices, your desktop system and anywhere else you have Todoist? They are all the exact same timezone?

If that is the case, then try logging out of all locations, then back in again.


Estevam Santos
Replied on Feb 12, 2014 - 18:36 UTC

Hey Brendon.

Every time I change my TimeZone in one device, all the others are automatically sync. But, just to be sure, I've changed all the time zones to -2 (Brasilia). Nothing happens
then I logged out from all devices and logged in again. Nothing happens.
The problem still persists.
The funny thing is that the problem occurs only in Android app. Could be something related to the timezone itself (-2) ? Maybe if I change to another time zone, e.g. US or even change the language could help?

Estevam Santos
Replied on Feb 12, 2014 - 18:40 UTC

I just found the error!

When you select GMT -2 , the apps give you 2 options 1) "Brasilia" 2) "Other", but at the website you just have "GMT -2". So, the solution is using on apps ALWAYS "OTHER". To guarantee that no other brazilian user would have the same problem, please erase the option "Brasilia" or add this option to the website.