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Sub-tasks not working correctly


I added a sub-task under a task. However, the sub-task does not display correctly. Instead of just displaying the sub-task under the parent task, it displays the sub-tasks both UNDER the parent task, and as a separate parent task. Basically duplicate tasks are being created: One as a sub-task, and the other as a parent task, when it is actually just supposed to be a sub-task.

Kindly enlighten me whether this is how the app is supposed to function, or there is some issue with my phone/browser, because this problem is happening on my android as well as the chrome plugin which i use.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 12, 2014 - 13:12 UTC

Hello Ankur,

That's the correct behavior for search result pages.

If you go into the project in which these tasks actually are, you will only see the parent task once and the sub-task indented below it once and that's how it's always displayed within a project.

Now, if you go to the "overdue, today" view, for example, it will show you every single task and sub-task that meets the search criteria "is overdue or is due today". That said, if both the parent and the sub-task are due today, then both will be shown separately and additionally, every parent task in this view allows you to preview its sub-tasks for reference.

This way you will never miss any task and also don't have to view unrelated tasks in this view. Otherwise, you would have to expand parent tasks to search for those sub-tasks that are actually due today (if we wouldn't show them separately) or you would have to see completely unrelated parent tasks just because one of their sub-tasks is due today.

Best regards,

Kristin Ward  premium
Replied on Feb 27, 2014 - 04:30 UTC


I understand your reasoning here, but I hope you implement a way to keep those hidden in the future. I use Todoist for grad school and like to have a task that says "Weekly reading" with subtasks for all the specific readings. My to-do list can thus be 20 items long on a given day if subtasks are shown, which makes it extremely difficult to get an accurate glance of what needs to be done and increases the likelihood of missing something.

I would just list all of the readings as separate items in the notes section, but (I KNOW this is trivial...) then I don't get the karma points for having a really productive day.

Just some food for thought...