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Syncing problems between iOS, Android, Web - Duplicated and missing items


Issue: Web and Android versions (partially) out-of-sync with iOS version; tasks and projects unexpectedly duplicated; attempt to delete duplicate tasks unexpectedly deleted other non-duplicate tasks, resulting in permanent loss of several new tasks.


I added/edited/reorganized a number of tasks and projects via the iOS app while offline two days ago. Checking my tasks via the Android app and then iOS app this morning, I found many (though not all) of the projects and tasks I had created or edited on Friday were duplicated (in both Android and iOS apps). In one case there were two versions of the same new project, one showing 3 tasks (the correct number), one only showing 1 task (missing 2). I also found that the Android app was partially out-of-sync with the iOS app - several of the tasks I created via the iOS app (and which show in the iOS app) were not showing in the Android app, though other new or edited tasks and projects were showing properly via Android. Re-syncing the apps and restarting the devices did not resolve the duplicates or the missing tasks.

I then manually deleted the duplicate tasks and projects (carefully deleting only the exact duplicates) via the iOS app, and in several instances found that deleting one of the duplicates actually deleted a different, non-duplicated task. Deleting the duplicate project with the incorrect number of tasks (1 instead of 3) had the unintended effect of deleting the other two tasks in the other version of the same project. The deleted tasks and projects disappeared from both iOS and Android app display.

I then went to check the web version (via Chrome browser), and found that it was out-of-sync with the iOS app version, largely though not entirely in sync with the Android app version. The various tasks shown in iOS that are missing from Android are also missing from the web version, however the web version LHS project list shows 1 task in the "Next" project, though no tasks are actually listed under "Next" and neither the iOS or Android apps list any tasks under "Next" in the Project or Tasks lists.

End result: Android/web versions not in sync with iOS app, multiple tasks disappeared from all versions.

Desire: Get Android/web/iOS versions fully in sync, recover deleted tasks.

Note: I am not a Premium customer, so do not have access to backups to retrieve the tasks that were erroneously deleted. At this rate I may never become one....

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 10, 2014 - 17:52 UTC

Hello Alex,

We're very sorry to hear that, but unfortunately, it won't be possible to recovered deleted project :(

We would certainly want to fix this issue ASAP, but to do so, we'd need to be able to trigger it even once which so far we couldn't. If you can do it now and could provide the steps to reproduce this bug and cause a duplication of data or lost sync, we would greatly appreciate it.

You've mentioned that you've performed the changes offline. At what point did you sync this data. You've said that you have then checked the Android app, but did you sync the iOS app manually on the same day or later (automatically by accessing an online area)?

If there's any way that you can reliably trigger this issue, please let us know and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Alex Helsinger
Replied on Feb 10, 2014 - 19:04 UTC

Hi David,

I made the edits to projects/tasks on my iOS app (iPad) while offline on Friday morning. Although my device was online again by Friday afternoon, I did not perform a manual sync or even re-open the iOS app at any point later on Friday or over the weekend. Monday morning I checked my tasks/projects via the Android app and noted the duplicates and missing tasks. I restarted my Android device, but found no change in the status of tasks/projects in the Android app. I then opened the iOS app (for the first time since the offline editing on Friday) and noted the duplicate tasks/projects there as well (though the new tasks missing from the Android app were still present in the iOS app). I then manually deleted the duplicate tasks via the iOS app, during the course of which selected non-duplicate tasks were dissapeared as well. The deletions (intended and unintended) automatically synced to the Android app.

At this point, my Android app and web-view are still out-of-sync with my iOS app - there are still several tasks that appear in the iOS app but not in the Android app or the web view. I have stopped and cleared cache on the Android app, restarted the Android and iOS devices, and refreshed the web-page, to no avail. All versions claim to be recently synced.

For now, can you help resolve my immediate issue by suggesting a method by which I can get my account back in sync across iOS app, Android app, and web versions? I would also love to retrieve the erroneously deleted tasks, or at least know what they were (I'm not sure exactly which/how many tasks dissapeared), though I understand this may not be possible.

When I have a moment I will attempt to reproduce the duplication, incomplete sync, and erroneous deletion issues by replicating the order of steps described above, and will let you know if I am able to reproduce the issues.



David Trey  staff
Replied on Feb 10, 2014 - 21:12 UTC


I believe that the duplicated task issue was local, that is - even though you have seen them twice, it was in fact one task and that's why deleting it caused the original to be deleted. Reinstalling the iOS app (after syncing) could have helped as it would clear its cache.

If you have certain tasks that you only see in the iOS app, please try to edit them, make a minor change, save the changes and see if this makes them show up on the web and/or Android. Also, try to search for one of them on the web.

If these aren't too many tasks, you could try to reinstall the iOS app, though if they aren't synced, they might get lost in the process.

Unfortunately, it won't be possible to retrieve the deleted tasks at this point :(

We will soon release new versions of our iOS and Android apps which will, among other things, feature improved syncing, but still, if you'll find a way to reproduce it using a test project with a test task, that would be very helpful especially if the upcoming improvements would turn out to be unrelated with this particular issue.

Best regards,