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Hello Guys!

Do you have any idea or is there any possibilities to mark a task or a project somehow if I am waiting for something or someone before I can finish it?
Just an easy example, e.g. I want to mark that I am waiting for an email from someone to continue or finish my task. And also be able to list these tasks which have these marks. (maybe a priority level like solutions would be great, for me it is important to highlight these taks)

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Kenny Grue  premium
Replied on Feb 03, 2014 - 12:05 UTC

Hi Janos,

What I have done is create a label called @Waiting_For. I then assign this (in addition to any that are already there) to the task I want to follow. It's then a simple case of selecting that label and then I can see all the tasks that I am waiting on someone else.

Hope this helps.