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Hi there,

since quite awhile I keep working with ToDoIst and I like it - a lot ;-)

But the last upgrade made it more confusing.

Before it was a clear and open design, I was able to see all I was typing into notes and moving tasks from one project to the other was easy because I could walk down the whole list (I have plenty of sub-projects) now I have to scroll through this fizzy-fuzzy little window, no fun ;-(

So I hope you are going to change this with the next upgrade.

But still:
I like it alot. It's a great toll.

All the best.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 28, 2014 - 14:02 UTC

Hello Wieland,

None of the cor functionality (drag & drop etc.) has been changed. You can see what you type into notes, you can grab a task and drag it where you want, the screen will auto-scroll.

Please let us know how does this happen exactly, how can we reproduce it, what platforms are you referring to and what browsers.

Also, try to log out, clear the cache and log back in to see if it fixes it.

Best regards,