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Outlook Addin Calendar Support

I was wondering how to add an Outlook calendar item to todoist and now saw if you right-click an appt on the Outlook calendar there is an item to Add ToDoist, which I would assume should add the calendar item as a todoist task. However, clicking on that menu item seems to do nothing. No task is added. How is this supposed to work?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 27, 2014 - 17:49 UTC

Hello Dan,

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add an item from Outlook's calendar into Todoist. The context menu item seems to be a bug as it should only work on emails. We will address this issue in the upcoming update of our Outlook plugin.

Best regards,

Replied on Feb 04, 2014 - 21:15 UTC

When are you planning to address this issue. It's obviously one of the reason's I purchased todoist.

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Feb 04, 2014 - 22:27 UTC


The update shouldn't be much longer, we have had many issues with it, and we want to make sure we fix everything. We don't have an ETA, but we understand the urgency. That is of course referring to the Outlook plugin itself.

We do not have any updates as of yet on two way sync.


Jeff Anderson  premium
Replied on Jun 02, 2014 - 16:32 UTC

Is there an update to the status of this? It is the first part of June and some of the calendar todoist integration features would be nice to use.


Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jun 02, 2014 - 17:34 UTC


If referring to better calendar features, then we have no update on this right now. We don't know when this will occur.