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Sudden onset internal error failure Win 7 v2.6.1


Todoist v2.6.1 today suddenly stopped working on Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit IE11, reporting: "Oops: Todoidt get an internal error, please let it to send us information about it, so we would be able to fix it ASAP" [Yes/No]. Has worked successfully for some time before that.

Have tried: i) uninstall/re-install; ii) delete Todoist local cache; iii) revert to v2.3; iv) clear IE cache, all without success so far.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jan 23, 2014 - 20:04 UTC


So you have closed the app, uninstalled it, cleared the cache for IE, made sure it's updated and accepting all cookies, then re-installed the app and it's still giving the error message?

Do you have this issue on the website version when using IE?


Undefined  premium
Replied on Jan 23, 2014 - 20:18 UTC

Yes, I have done all those steps. I do not have the error when using the website version in IE 11 or Firefox (or Android).

This problem started suddenly for an installed version Win 7 app version of Todoist that had been working for some time (months).

Many thanks.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 23, 2014 - 23:41 UTC


Please tell me - can you associate any particular event to the time it started to happen? For example - the day we launched Todoist Next or right after you've shared a project or after you've installed certain other software?

Best regards,

Undefined  premium
Replied on Jan 24, 2014 - 02:13 UTC

I see now that it is correlated with the Todoist Next launch (if the release date was 1/21/14 or close).

I have also now managed to revert to v2.3 by undoing some application properties that were needed for v2.6.1 (run as administrator in Win 7 compatibility mode) but are not needed for v2.3. However, the problem remains with the latest Win 7 Todoist app revision.

I have a working app for Windows now (v2.3).

Many thanks.