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Dear Todoist team,

I have decided to try out Todoist as I am using various devices incl. PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad etc. and liked the simplicity of it, especially the idea of mail and browser integration and being able to reprioritize tasks through "drag and drop" with a finger or mouse. However, I have quickly decided to discontinue my trial, mainly because of three reasons which I would like to share with you so you can decide if they are worthwhile changing/adding:
(1) When I added new projects and tasks in them on my iPhone (4S, with ios7), some of them would end up being duplicated (as it seems after the first sync with your server)
(2) I am able to turn an email into a task when using the Gmail browser plugin, but when using Todoist on my iPhone, and clicking on the email link in that task, it does not launch the email within the Gmail iPhone app, but opens Safari and asks me to log into Gmail there
(3) The standard view is inbox and (at least on the iPhone) I am not able to change that to, for example, the Project overview... which would be particularly helpful if I don't want to set deadline+reminders, but manage tasks as I would on a simple paper to-do list.

I hope this feedback will help you improve your product.

Best regards,

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jan 23, 2014 - 04:40 UTC

Hi Andy,

1. That might have been related to our server issues earlier today due to all the new users. Logging out of the app and back in could resolve that issue.

2. Yes, this is because they need to be opened where they were created at this time. We hope we can improve them in the future.

3. The standard view is the Today view, and the Inbox is the default project selected when you create a task.