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Accounts not linked in Todoist Next?

Hi there,

I have an account with Todoist under my google email address. I have also logged into Todoist using my google credentials. In the past, this double-process log in has been seamless; the app has smartly equated my Google Username and my Gmail address as belonging to the same account, and I've been able to see all of my tasks regardless of how I'm logged in to the App on any of my devices.

This is no longer true on Todoist Next. I was logged into my desktop app (Firefox) via the Google Account, and into my iPhone app via the email + password combination. Todoist tried to sync the changes I made between the two apps in real time, and both apps were wiped clean -- all of my information and tasks and projects were lost.

After taking 5 minutes to cry about it, I rebuilt me task lists with a more logical organization system, and I'm happy with the new features. But I really hope it's possible to fix this problem.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 22, 2014 - 20:48 UTC

Hello Lissa,

If you log in manually using an email password combination, then this created a completely new blank separate account. If you always log in via Google, you must keep logging in this way on every platform otherwise these two accounts won't sync.

Best regards,