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Change the default project from "Inbox" to another custom project

When I try to add a task using the todoist app for Mac, it always defaults to the "Inbox" project. But most often I need my tasks to be under a different project, say "Work". It is annoying to have to go to the drop down and change it every time I create a task. Is there a way to change the default project or update their odering?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 17, 2014 - 17:46 UTC

Hello Phani,

Although it's not possible to change the default project in the "Quick Add" feature, if you mostly add tasks to a different project, please select the project from the menu at the top (that is - enter this project) and while you're in this project, you can use the "Add task" option at the bottom of your task list and it will keep all the tasks added there in this project.

Best regards,

Phani Pattapu
Replied on Jan 17, 2014 - 18:30 UTC

Huh..If I have to go through so many steps every time I have to add a task, I'm not sure how that qualifies as a "Quick Add" feature. It may make sense for me to do that if I'm adding a bunch of tasks to a project at a stretch. But my use case is, I add a task every 10min or so and when I do it I use the keyboard shortcut on my Mac to bring up the "Add Task" popup that has a drop down for selecting projects that is defaulted to "Inbox". I just wish there was an easy way to change the default project to something else.

Is this something that can at least be considered for a future feature?

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 17, 2014 - 22:43 UTC


Yes, we will actually make it easier to select the project from the list, you'll be able to start typing it after a hashtag, for example #w... and it may auto-complete #work if you have a project called #work. We'll improve this feature in the future.

Best regards,

Tyler Roberts
Replied on Mar 24, 2014 - 17:46 UTC

David, you mention in the future, has this been implemented yet? thanks.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Mar 24, 2014 - 19:10 UTC

Hello Tyler,

Unfortunately not. Inbox is still the default project, but you can always move tasks from it wherever you want anytime :-)

Best regards,

Jon Albright  premium
Replied on May 13, 2014 - 02:03 UTC

I agree with the need for this. When a task is sitting in the inbox folder it has to be easier to move it to the correct project. Just like assigning tags with the @sign it would make the most sense to use the #hashtag for existing projects. Just too many clicks, drags, etc to get it into the project where it belongs. Admittedly this is the one thing that keeps me from using Todoist fully and until its fixed I simply find Omnifocus easier to use

Brecon Quaddy  premium
Replied on Jun 04, 2014 - 11:44 UTC

The ability to assign tasks to a project via a hashtag would greatly improve Todoist's useability. Without it, 'quick add' doesn't really live up to its name. Enabling users to change the default task from 'Inbox' would be even better. I assume there is a considerable impediment to implementing this functionality around projects, since many users would clearly welcome them.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jun 04, 2014 - 15:04 UTC

Hello Brecon,

To use a hashtag, you'd need to hit space and then enter the hashtag itself. If you replace these two steps with hitting the TAB key twice, you're also be in the project selection field in the "Quick Add" option where you don't have to enter a hashtag anymore, but start typing the project's name already and even select it from the list thanks to the auto-complete feature in this field :-)

Best regards,

Brecon Quaddy  premium
Replied on Jun 06, 2014 - 11:05 UTC

Sir, thank you. On the whole I under-exploit the tab key so it hadn't occurred to me to use it. I unreservedly withdraw my disparaging comment about 'quick add.'



Emily Higgins  premium
Replied on Jul 06, 2014 - 18:12 UTC


Is the capacity to set one's own default project (e.g. Work instead of Inbox) for the quick add likely to be available soon as well?


Clyde Romo  staff
Replied on Jul 07, 2014 - 01:42 UTC

Hi Emily,

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to add this but we're always looking for ways to make Todoist better. It is possible that we may add it in the future though.



Emily Higgins  premium
Replied on Jul 07, 2014 - 01:55 UTC

OK, thanks for your reply!

Ricky Tam
Replied on Jul 21, 2014 - 21:59 UTC


I believe having this feature would greatly improve the UX of the Quick Add feature. Is there a way we, as users, can bring this feature into the development pipeline or have the priority increased?


Norman Kirchner  premium
Replied on Aug 11, 2014 - 17:52 UTC

David, I just started the process of re-architecting my workflow w/ Todoist.
I recognize that QuickAdd can use the tab feature, but that is more involved than just pressing 'a' and starting to type in a new task. (web browser)
What should be my expectation to assigning tasks to a project from within the task entry flow? or do I need to always add to inbox first if I just leave a window open for adding all sorts of tasks throughout the day?

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Aug 11, 2014 - 18:14 UTC


Any add menu, has the project selection, and you can choose which project you want to add it too. This goes for the Quick Add menu.

If you are referring to adding a task within a project already, like Inbox, then of course there is no selection, as you are already in the project.


Johan Niemi  premium
Replied on Sep 03, 2014 - 23:23 UTC

I think the default project should not be inbox, but rather the project that is used the most. If this is hard to implement, please under personal settings allow the user to specify the default project.

Keyboard shortcuts or not, it's extremely cumbersome to always have to navigate away from the default "inbox" when adding a task.

Marc Belej  premium
Replied on Sep 17, 2014 - 04:55 UTC

I would like to upvote the ability to select a default project that is not Inbox

Replied on Oct 08, 2014 - 12:29 UTC

I agree, that this should be developed sooner than later. We need to be able to change the default. Please implement a fix.

Replied on Oct 15, 2014 - 21:51 UTC

+1 - doesn't seem to be any reason not to allow this functionality

Denise TheLady  premium
Replied on Oct 22, 2014 - 11:55 UTC

I agree!

bjpipher  premium
Replied on Nov 07, 2014 - 03:32 UTC

+1 for having a custom project or filter as the default view. C'mon guys!

Brecon Quaddy  premium
Replied on Nov 07, 2014 - 09:59 UTC

Indeed. Only just over two months to go to this thread's first birthday. :-)

Liz Specht  premium
Replied on Nov 17, 2014 - 03:07 UTC

Absolutely agree. I would prefer not to have to click OR tab around to list things under "work" when that is 90% of my tasks. Please make this a priority! It seems easy to implement -- in our settings we can already change the default screen upon opening todoist (i.e. "overdue and next 7 days"); just give another option to change default project.

dreadpiratejeff  premium
Replied on Nov 20, 2014 - 22:54 UTC

I want to +1 this. Setting the default project should be a no-brainer here. Just as I can set the default View, setting the default project for tasks should have been a feature from the start.

What is it going to take to get this implemented?

Tony Welch  premium
Replied on Jan 02, 2015 - 16:20 UTC

+1 - Being able to choose the default project is the single biggest issue I
have with this program, which is otherwise amazing.

I already have a physical inbox and an email inbox -- the last thing I want
is a third "To Do" list Inbox. I don't want to have to sort three inboxes!

Brecon Quaddy  premium
Replied on Jan 15, 2015 - 13:25 UTC

No pressure, Todoist guys, but the day after tomorrow (Saturday 17th) is this thread's first birthday. ;-)

What's that doing to Todoist's karma?

barberd  premium
Replied on Feb 11, 2015 - 20:45 UTC

+1 here as well. I'd even suggest mapping the default project per device. For example, when I'm at work, "WORK" should be the default project. On my home computer, I'd probably pick "HOME" as the default.

The fact we're discussing such a granular feature though - well, it tells me these guys have knocked it out of the park with their app and there are only minor tweaks like these left to consider. It really is a powerful todo app.

joey.giordano  premium
Replied on Feb 15, 2015 - 19:32 UTC


Rowan Overwater  premium
Replied on Mar 07, 2015 - 22:23 UTC


Dave  premium
Replied on Mar 26, 2015 - 13:13 UTC


Replied on Mar 31, 2015 - 01:07 UTC

I agree as well +1 here. This is very annoying but I love the breadth of the app and how many operating systems it works on. Great app. Please implement this. I don't like to be "in a project" because then I have to exit that project to see items that may be due from another project. It would be highly preferable (at least in the today view for example) to be able to set a default project. 95% of my todo items go into a primary project "Work" but that makes it all the more important that I am able to see items for other projects when they do become due. Hence why it is so important to be in the today view to see items from all projects. When I am in that view though I have to constantly change the thing from inbox back to "work" every time.

Peter Lehoczký  premium
Replied on Apr 01, 2015 - 23:36 UTC


it shouldn't be technical problem to implement this...

Pravina and Amit  premium
Replied on Apr 07, 2015 - 17:57 UTC


It really is ridiculously simple to do this. It's literally one little dropdown in settings. What are you waiting for?

dreadpiratejeff  premium
Replied on Apr 07, 2015 - 20:19 UTC

Probably never, as the Staff don't seem to really care about this as a feature, or improvement.

Replied on Apr 07, 2015 - 22:21 UTC

Has there actually been any dev work on this or response to bug reports and feature requests in the last six months?

I'm sad because it's a real ball-ache to change task software but it doesn't seem Todoist is going anywhere...

Martin Helmer
Replied on Apr 08, 2015 - 08:40 UTC

+1 support for barberd's suggestion

"+1 here as well. I'd even suggest mapping the default project per device. For example, when I'm at work, "WORK" should be the default project. On my home computer, I'd probably pick "HOME" as the default. "

Lauren  premium
Replied on Apr 15, 2015 - 12:37 UTC

I have just tried ToDoists latest aquisition TaskCrunch. The Todoist app for windows phones. Apart from a great user experience it LETS YOU SET THE DEFAULT PROJECT.

So if the app developer can manage to make this work and as the app developer is now an employee - perhaps TODOist management you will prioritise getting this fixed for the rest of us.

Please stop trying to enforce you idea of an ideal workflow on those of us that do not want it.

If there are some devices that can't support this then let them be the exception. For those of us using desktop and phones which are capable please give us the option to set our own default.

We are not going to just get used to it - I hate it. I hate it so much I (until now) don't use it on my phone and have been looking at alternatives which I can use on all devices.

Ben Kilcoyne
Replied on May 29, 2015 - 12:38 UTC

+1 to remove Inbox as the default.

It's strange this, that something so seemingly simple yet such a bugbear for many users, appears to be completely ignored by the staff at Todoist.

Really, what's the problem here guys? Could you please even offer an update or an explanation?

Replied on May 29, 2015 - 21:30 UTC

If you hadn't noticed, there are at least a dozen equivalent threads here with similar excuses. Features or fixes requested by a significant proportion of the userbase which require negligible effort to sort out but are left unattended-to months later. Seems the whole project is stagnent if not dead and certainly no-one cares any more... Annoying when the whole point is to improve productivity :(

Leon Huang  premium
Replied on Jun 01, 2015 - 05:29 UTC


Also a hashtag would be more convenient on a mobile device than tabbing twice. Wait... The keyboard on my phone doesn't have the tab button.

dreadpiratejeff  premium
Replied on Jun 01, 2015 - 12:22 UTC

Just configuring a personal default that ISNT their forced "Inbox" would solve the problem and be much more convenient...

Lauren  premium
Replied on Jun 01, 2015 - 15:05 UTC

I've lost track of the number of todos I have lost sight of because they inadvertently end up in the inbox which I do not use.

It is not a productivity plus and seems driven by sheer stubbornness on the part of the software developers to try and force people into their idea of productivity.

The alternative explanation is extremely poor software development preventing them from making the obvious change.

Tim DeSilva  premium
Replied on Jun 15, 2015 - 15:59 UTC

+1 please

Travis Schramek
Replied on Jun 22, 2015 - 15:03 UTC


stuff disappears into my inbox, I always use the 7 day outlook and having to switch to put in quick tasks is not very user friendly.

Rudy Soria
Replied on Jun 22, 2015 - 16:13 UTC

+ 1

Brecon Quaddy  premium
Replied on Jun 22, 2015 - 16:22 UTC

This support thread:


at least shows signs of being watched by Todoist. One of their team posted his email address on May 22. An opportunity for those of us who want to be able to change the default project to communicate directly.

Replied on Jun 26, 2015 - 16:21 UTC

Why are you spending valuable staff resources on material design (unpopular amongst users) rather than fixing the dozens of basic issues that have lingered for months such as this?

Christopher Donovan  premium
Replied on Aug 06, 2015 - 20:05 UTC


alanglotz  premium
Replied on Aug 18, 2015 - 19:49 UTC

I add my vote for this feature. Are there any new features that have been added recently? It seems every time I search for a way to do something, it's always an "upcoming feature" that months later still hasn't been added and that users clamour for.

Luiz Dias  premium
Replied on Aug 18, 2015 - 19:57 UTC


Tim DeSilva  premium
Replied on Aug 21, 2015 - 19:24 UTC

Perhaps another interim solution could be to make it easier to: Move an existing task to a different project, as far too often tasks get lost in the inbox, found later and need to be moved to the correct project. (is it just me or does the process of changing a task to a different project not seem like the quickest or most intuitive user experience?)

M. G.  premium
Replied on Aug 22, 2015 - 16:11 UTC

Hi Tim,

I guess the drag&drop option should be pretty intuitive and really fast?

The only faster way is probably entering the task directly into the project (which of course is also possible)...

...or e-mailing a task directly into the target project (also possible)

I personally use a lot the "batch transfer" of several tasks simultaneously into given project by (i) CTRL selecting them, (ii) using the top menu "move to project", (iii) typing in a couple of target project letters and pressing ENTER.

In any case, one of the important principles of certain productivity concepts (GTD, for example) is to keep Inbox at zero as often as possible. At least in my case, the decision where to put a given task often takes more time than the actual physical act of transfer.

Regards, Michael

Michael Molligi  premium
Replied on Sep 11, 2015 - 14:14 UTC

+1 - this seems like something that's been discussed for sometime and adding this functionality should be simple. it's annoying to not have ability to choose own default project.

wondering how many users switching to other options?

Has it been implemented or is there an eta?

Christopher M  premium
Replied on Sep 11, 2015 - 14:38 UTC


Being able to change the default project (across all platforms/devices) would be quite helpful.

Replied on Sep 16, 2015 - 16:54 UTC

Being able to change the default project would be the easiest option. Hashtag solution is harder (because it's extra typing I have to do every time).

I just started using Todoist yesterday and hit this difficulty already. It makes quick add annoying.

Albin Engström
Replied on Sep 20, 2015 - 19:50 UTC


Matt Tucker
Replied on Oct 01, 2015 - 08:33 UTC

+1 When will this be done?