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Karma system should not take in non -work / -effort related scores


Hello there,
I am new to TODOIST, and loving the experience so far! Great work spreading it over so many devices. Using it on my iPad Mini and an Android Nexus 4.

Today I took a closer look at it all, especially the Karma system, and found a few bad apples in the pile which somewhat tainted the experience. Let me clarify:

Overall, I think a Karma system is fantastic and a great incentive to stay more on the ball. Getting a visual reward for hard work completed is very gratifying indeed and makes me stick around. However, yesterday I noticed a huge jump in scores [995 to 1495 within a few hours], which intrigued me to investigate. It turns out, I had received 500 extra points for upgrading to premium (albeit only on a trial month). Also, I had received points for using advanced features as well as the vote box and support section. On finding out about both, I must say my Karma score's appeal had suddenly dropped to 0. Those points I had worked hard to achieve were diluted by points scored for a few meagre mouse clicks, done within a few minutes. And that significantly (!) ruined the experience.

- Keep Karma points simply for work related tasks. You work, you get a cookie. Thus: Only adding, sorting, complementing and completing tasks should give points.
- It's OK to receive points from using the votebox to up-vote features and improve the product through co-participation - great. But nothing more. Using support should NOT be rewarded. Anyone can post.
- Using advanced features should only give minimal points. After all, it's all about adding and completing tasks. The rest is just a little bit more sugar in your tea.
- Remove getting points for Upgrading. The premium-sticker is enough. People upgrade to get a better overall product experience, not to show off their badge. We are not World of Warcraft.

I would love to see the Karma system grow into a more powerful performance benchmark tool, but this can only be done if the reward system is done right, and feels like a motivation to the users.

Maybe at a later stage, include weekly challenges to make us even more productive?

Many thanks,

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Replied on Jan 17, 2014 - 16:00 UTC

Just noticed, if tasks / projects are added, and removed again it appears points are still booked, but subsequently not removed!

That can't be right.

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 17, 2014 - 17:38 UTC

Hello Sebastian,

Thank you for your feedback. If your Karma dropped to 0, this must have been caused by a glitch we're working on now. In reality, it hasn't dropped at all and clicking on it will reveal the correct value (and then revert back to 0 which is only a visual bug).

Now, to answer your questions/suggestions - you don't get Karma for sorting tasks, only completing them + extra points if you utilize Todoist to the fullest - advanced feature so that you improve your workflow, using the forum to engage with our community - helping out has to give positive Karma ;)

In general, we intended Karma to be just a fun way to improve your experience, not an exact precise representation of your productivity. After all, you can get that from all the remaining graphs. Nonetheless, we appreciate your feedback and will of course consider improving our Karma system in the future :)

Best regards,

紫雨老师  premium
Replied on Oct 12, 2014 - 08:33 UTC

non work related tasks, once you jot down in Todoist, it is a kind of self-promise, and if one successfully completed them, he should be rewarded Karma points! So I think the existing logic is appropriate.

Points rewarded because you have fulfilled your self expectation, not because it is work-related. I think we do not have to justify our own existence value by work-related tasks only.