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Gmail add task - all the parentheses ( ) become brackets ] ]

I just noticed that when I put in parenthesis to my task it saves as brackets. Minor issue but I wanted to let you know.

Specifically when I type in a new task such as:
Here is my new task (don't forget to do it)

it saves as:
Here is my new task ]don't forget to do it]

This is currently happening in the gmail extension for Firefox and Chrome. It might be my computer and I will check when I return home tonight.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 13, 2014 - 16:35 UTC

Hello Connor,

This is unfortunately a workaround we've had to implement in order to prevent the links to the emails from breaking. Parentheses are used in Todoist to set an anchor text for an URL:

https://todoist.com (Todoist)

the above would create a linked word "Todoist" pointing to the URL before it. Considering that the emails use the same format, we have to convert them to ] so the link won't break. Additionally, we also use a [[ ]] format for the link to the email ID (it's hidden code).

Best regards,