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Using Todoist for quick checks of the form "the last time I did this and that"

Hi, how can I use todoist in order to quickly see when I did something for the last time.

I would love to see when I did task x the last time (quickly).

Related to this. If I want to do something repeating every 5th or 6th week (say monday) - can I formulate this in your system of recurring tasks?
This is related to the above because if it is (say) 5 weeks ago that I have done sg the last time, then I want to do it again (which is equivalent to doing it every 5 weeks).


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 08, 2014 - 17:06 UTC

Hello Richard,

You can check when any task (incl. recurring tasks) was completed by clicking on the Karma score in the top-right corner and then "View All Completed". You can filter this list by time, label or project (or a combination of all 3).

Reg, the recurring task, if I understand it correctly, it could work if you set the task to "every 35 days starting Monday" (for 5 weeks) or "every 42 days starting Monday".

Best regards,

Richard Warnung  premium
Replied on Jan 09, 2014 - 10:18 UTC

Thanks! This solves my problem.