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Keyboard shortcut interferance



Since installing todoist on my computer I no longer have access to the lowercase Á (lowercase letter a with an accent - vital for European languages and one I use every day). Previously I could use the <AltGr + letter> key combination or the <Ctrl + Alt + letter> combination to get this accented letter - but now both combinations bring up the Add Task Todoist dialogue box.

Can I disable this please?

Aodan (that second "a" should have an accent but I can't do it now!!

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 07, 2014 - 16:38 UTC

Hello Aodan,

Please launch the Todoist for Windows app, go to the system tray (notifications area in the bottom-right corner of Windows), right-click on the TD icon you will see there and go to "Configurations". Here you can change the keyboard shortcuts for "Show/hide" and "Add task" by clicking on one of the fields and pressing a different key combination.

Best regards,