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Change email address on premium account

I signed up and purchased a premium account under my personal email. But I need reminder emails to be sent to my work address. I tried just changing Account settings to my work address, but then it doesn't recognize that I have a premium account. Help? I need to get my work address associated with the premium account without losing data :)

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 02, 2014 - 12:49 UTC

Hello Roxanne,

If you access Settings -> Account and use "Edit" to change your email address, then Todoist must recognize this account as Premium as the Premium status is linked to the unique ID of your account and not the email address.

That said, are you certain that you've changed the address correctly and then logged in using the same login method?

Here in this support section, you show up as Premium with your Gmail account. That said, if this is indeed the address you're referring to, then make sure you're logging in manually as you did before, otherwise if you would use the "Google Login" option, it may actually create a new empty account.

Please try to log out and back in or clear your browser's cache.

Best regards,