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Can I lock the menu in place?

I frequently have Todoist open side by side with other programs on my 13" Windows laptop, so that Todoist takes up 50% of my display on the right, and another program will take up 50% of the display on the left. The problem is, when I reduce the width of the Todoist window to approx 2/3 of full width or less, the project menu in the upper left will kind of "pop out" as a separate window and land on top of my tasks unless I hide it. There is more than enough room to accommodate seeing both menus at once at half width, so I'm not sure why Todoist does that. I could understand doing that if the window were shrunk to less than 50% width, but windows 7 and 8 makes it so easy to snap windows to the left and right, I have to think this is something other people have run into also. Thanks!

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Jan 01, 2014 - 17:06 UTC

Hi Ryan,

The code needed to understand the size of the window, to tell it to change how the menu acts, is probably just set to a certain number, and your still in that range.

We are going to be releasing a final major update soon, once that is done we can probably quickly change that, I will let the developers know about it. What is your screen size, resolution?