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No access to Account via Desktop App & Browser anymore


I have troubles with my account already since app. the 20th of Dec.

It started, with not being able to acces my desktop App anymore, it told me to log in again and forwarded me to the Website.

When I tried to log back in with "log in with google"-button (the adress I registered with) there was a new account created. Then I thought It might help if I entered the adress manually, but unfortunately my password didn't work -not excluding the possibility, that I have might remember/noted it down incorrect.

So I requested resetting my password, and around christmas, I tried several times, received the Mail with the link properly, but when trying to change the password it was denied by notification, that the request-mail-permission-thing (i forgot the name, sorry) had already expired.

I saw in the support question area, that there where several post to that password-reset-link-expiring-subject already, so I figured there's a general problem and that you already aware of and working on that matter. And waited patiently.

Today, I tried again, changing the password worked fine, but still, i cannot acces my already existing account via DesktopApp and via Browser.

I am just so glad, that at least the app on my phone still works!!!! I am working with it intensively, for my job as well as private life, and loosing all that data would be really, really … not good.

Please help. As I have the premium edition, I would really like to get my desktop app back working. I am just afraid, that it might somehow synchronize the wrong way around, clearing out the phone to adjust it to the blank corpse called the desktopApp.

Please, please help.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 30, 2013 - 13:24 UTC

Hello Annalena,

The fact that you've posted this message here, proves that you are logged into your Todoist account on the web as it's the only way to post in our support forum. The account you're logged in now is Premium and linked to your Gmail account.

That said, using the same browser you've used to write this message, go to todoist.com in this browser and you should already be logged into this account.

I've checked our database and searched for your name and got only one result linked to the account you're logged into now. That said, to use the same account with the Windows app, you have to use the same login method as you did when you've logged into the web and it has to work.

To make absolutely sure, you can reset your password through the web and as you set a new password, then even if the account was created using Google Sign-In, you will be able to log into it manually by typing in your Gmail address in combination with the newly set password.

If this will log you into another account, then the only remaining possibility is that you're using a different account on your phone. Please go to the settings in our mobile app and see what email address is being used there.

Best regards,

Replied on Dec 30, 2013 - 15:05 UTC

Dear David,

thank you for your personalized and helpful reply.
I see the problem, my DesktopApp is set with the @gmail.com adress, but my phone on @googlemail.com.

I created and purchased the premium account using @googlemail and switched my mail account to @gmail sometime after.

I logged back in with typing in the @googlemail, it worked!

But I still wonder: the App obviously connected the two different adresses, otherwise it wouldn't have been able to recognize me as a premium user, correct? So, why wasn't it able to connect/synchronize the data as well?
That only for you, maybe there is an oppurtunity for you to check if something needs fixing….

I am fine now, and relieved.
Thanks a lot!!!
Best regads,

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 30, 2013 - 20:07 UTC


I'm glad to hear it's working for you now, but It actually didn't recognize any link between the Gmail and Googlemail accounts. I see in our database, that these are two completely separate accounts and the reason why both are Premium is because the new one (Gmail) is only on the 30-day Premium trial while your main account (Googlemail) is Premium until September 2014.

Best regards,

Replied on Jan 01, 2014 - 18:07 UTC

Dear David,

thanks a lot, I didn't realize there's a free trial.
Do I have to cancel that actively? Or can I just delete this new account, so I don't mix myself up again?

Best wishes for the New Year!

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 01, 2014 - 19:48 UTC


You can cancel an account by going to the Settings -> Account and using the "Delete my account" link at the bottom. If it was set up with a Google Account, first you'll need to add a password to it (in the same window).

However, please be absolutely sure that you're logged into the correct account that you want to cancel (use one browser tab to avoid having an active session from another account in the browser) as this action is irreversible and the moment you cancel it, all data on this account will be permanently lost incl. our backups so it won't be retrievable at all.

Considering the nature of this issue (Googlemail vs. Gmail), I would recommend to keep the other account. If the trial expires, nothing will happen, you won't be charged twice anyway.

Best regards,

Replied on Jan 01, 2014 - 20:07 UTC

okay, so I will stay calm and carry on ;-)
Thanks, you have been very helpful.