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Email reminders generated even when recurring task has been completed


Hi there,

Default reminder: push reminder.

New task: Backup software

Due date: every 7 days

Reminder: Email every 7 days @ 1900

My understanding is that since I manage to complete the task at 13h00, I shouldn't be getting the email reminder at 19h00.

Don't you agree ?

I do get it though...

Thanks for looking at this,

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Dec 11, 2013 - 15:44 UTC

Hi Mike,

To clarify, you receive the reminder once after the 13h00 time? Or does it occur more than once?

If it's only once I have to ask, were you offline at any time during the due date? Our system uses the internet to contact the servers, if they can't, they will when Internet is back, and then send the reminder.


Mike M  premium
Replied on Dec 11, 2013 - 15:47 UTC

Hi Brendon,

Thanks for the quick follow up.

On the scenario outlined above, I missed mentioning that I was online when I completed the recurring task (Web).

Does that help?


David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 11, 2013 - 17:26 UTC

Hello Mike,

Are you sure that the completion even has been synced? Not only our web-app is capable of working in offline mode, but it needs about 1-3 seconds after you perform an action to sync it with the server (from the local cache).

That said, is it possible that you've checked the task off and then closed your browser immediately within less than 2 seconds after the click? This way the information about the task being completed might have not reached our server.

Best regards,

Mike M  premium
Replied on Dec 17, 2013 - 11:26 UTC

Hi David,

Sorry for taking so long to reply: I made a fresh test and the behaviour is still "unexpected" to me.

Yes, the completion has been synced. I even signed out after the syncing, cleared Browser cache, exited the Browser, opened Private Browsing window, signed in, the task was not in today's list, I clicked on the Karma points and selected to view completed, the completed task was in there.

But I still got the email reminder during that day.

I can repeat the test I did today:

New task: Recurring task

Due date: every 7 days at 1300

Reminder: Email every 7 days @ 0945

(current time is 0900).

I then waited to sync etc. All good. I even signed out and in again to ensure the task had been synced.

Completed the task and confirmed that the completion had been synced.

At 0945 though I got the email reminder.

Can you review this topic please?


Mike M  premium
Replied on Dec 17, 2013 - 14:12 UTC

test post :)

David Trey  staff
Replied on Dec 17, 2013 - 15:09 UTC


Thank you for clarifying, I've been able to reproduce this issue now and received a reminder for a completed recurring tasks and passed it to the developers.

Best regards,