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Thunderbird 24 issues


A mildly annoying issue is that if I change the settings on todist.com (such as the start page), or upgrading to premium, I have to shutdown Thunderbird and reboot my Windows 7 PC before the Thunderbird todoist plugin recognizes the changes. Syncing, closing and reopening Thunderbird, or logging out of todist and logging back in do not help. (I don't anticipate changing the settings, now that it is setup.)

More importantly, when adding a task from an email, if I select the email from a list, todist adds the email which is FIRST in the list, not the email I selected. I have to actually open that email from the email list to get todist to select it correctly.

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Dec 11, 2013 - 00:23 UTC

Hi Geoff,

Is it just the start page that does not change when you edit it on the website? If that is the case, the start page only happens on startup, when you open up the plugin. The start page is not the default view, its just where it opens when you first open it.

For all our plugins, you do need to open the email to add the email as a task. We will try to improve this for future updates.