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bug in reminder 'date and time' using a slash in dates


i was trying to add a reminder using a date format (11/29 or 11/29/2013, etc) and i kept getting messages that the date was invalid. in addition, i couldn't then type "at" after the date, as the "a" never appears. sometimes, after i would type the slash, the cursor jumps to the task name box instead of staying in the reminder date box.

I figured out that if I type the date in longer format with no slashes, i.e. "nov 29", it works ok.

i'm using the application on a Mac v10.9, with all latest updates.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 28, 2013 - 23:32 UTC

Hello Veronica,

I can't reproduce this issue. all the date formats you've mentioned should work, but please note that you can't set a reminder to just 11/29/2013, you must always use a due time. I also can't reproduce an issue that would cause using a to type "at" to jump to the task input field.

The key "a" is a keyboard shortcut that opens a new "Add task" input box, but it should be disabled if you're already adding a task.

That said, please clarify how exactly can you reproduce this issue step-by-step. That is - do you enter a project first and use the input field at the bottom, do you use Quick Add, if so - in what view do you use it (7 days, a project, label) are you editing an existing tasks or adding a new one?

Best regards,