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Can I reset the system date?


My system seems to be a day ahead of the actual calendar date. If I create a new project, then add a task with tomorrow's calendar date, it displays as being due today. I'm in the US-EST time zone, and this happens if I am set to New York OR if I am set for EST. How can I correct the systems' sense of today's date?

(I notice that you've asked this question of some other post-ers, so I'll let you know proactively: Yes, I have used the Do it Today feature on one of my lists, but not on the one I'm currently having trouble with.)


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Joel Ladd
Replied on Nov 27, 2013 - 22:14 UTC

Please ignore this post. I'd recently sent my computer in for repair. As soon as I posted this issue, it occurred to me that I'd never checked the date and time settings on the computer itself. Sure enough, it had been returned with the date set incorrectly.