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Project limit

So I upgraded thinking I would get more available projects but that is not the case. Why not?

The way I use todoist is for managing clients. Clients as projects. Clients don't go away so clearing projects is not a resonable request.

Anything that can be done?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 19, 2013 - 23:46 UTC

Hello Geoff,

Unfortunately, this is a limitation for performance reasons and it can't be lifted.

In your use case, we would recommend to use labels to tag clients. You can have as many labels as you want without limitations and use projects for other sorting, for example - if your work can be managed or sorted by time, you could create a new project for all work related to the new month. Once all cases that originated in a certain month are done you can archive this project and archived projects don't count toward the limit.

Alternatively, if each client requires the same process, you could even create just one task or task structure for each client and then, instead of checking it off step-by-step - move the client's task from the project related to one step to the next projects until everything's done. Accessing projects would show you all clients who are at the certain step.

There are many ways of managing tasks efficiently without ever hitting this limitation, it all depends on your specific workflow.

Best regards,