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using keyboard to select a project when creating a new task is not very intuitively

Dear support guys,

What I really would like to work properly / intuitively is the projects selection list in the 'new task creation interface'.

In the web interface (Chrome on Mac OS X), I press control-Q for a new task.
The task title field is active. I type the name of the task. -press TAB- to the due date field. I enter the due date -press TAB- and the list of projects becomes active.

Now I expect it to work as follows:
To select my project "Annelies", I expect to select is by pressing the keys a, n, n, (got quite some projects).

What happens: I press a, n, n, and my project "notities" gets selected. Pressing 'a' doesn't do anything in this selection list.

Long story short: something is broken.

Thank you for listening.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 18, 2013 - 23:33 UTC

Hello Rein,

Thank you for your report. This is indeed not completely optimized and we're working on improving it. We'll soon release a bigger update to our site which will also affect all plugins and desktop apps and make selecting the project via Quick Add much better.

Best regards,