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Hiring/collaboration opportunity for you guys to consider.

I have at least heard of if not tried every productivity app under the sun.

Or so I thought.

Today I came across these guys, only to find out that they are shutting down the service due to lack of interest.

Their site says no new users but signup is not yet disabled, so if you click sign in then "new account" or "sign up" or whatever, you can still demo this excellent presentation.

I particularly like the quick-add areas and task-star and tag cloud management approach displayed on the right.

It seems a shame as there maybe some overlap in feature interest among your users and their fault seems to be lack of marketing know-how, not necessarily technical or user-interface know-how.

Perhaps there is an opportunity to work together as Todoist moves forward?

http://www.hoverhq.com (Hover Tasks)

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 15, 2013 - 20:44 UTC

Hello Adrian,

We always look for talented people passionate about what they do so you're welcome to recommend them applying for a job at http://doist.io :) At the moment we're not actively hiring, but we're open for suggestions.

As for tag clouds - we're implementing an option to view your labels and filters on the web similarly to how you can view them on our mobile app.

Best regards,