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How to create recurrent tasks wirh defined regularity?

There are 2 types of recurring tasks:
1) I need to read a book of 20 parts in 20 days. So I make a recurrent task "read 1 chapter once in a day". If I missed the task yesterday, then today I need to read 2 chapters. If I read 2 chapters today, then I don't need to read another 1 tomorrow. As far as I understand, your recurrent tasks work like this?
2) I don't have exact result, but I need to do smth regularly. For example, go to swimming pool 2 times a week. If I went 4 times during this week, it doesn't mean that I don't need to go on the next week!!

But now I can't manage 2nd type of the recurrent tasks.. May be there is some other syntax? I just want another task to start right in N (days/hrs/weeks, etc) after completing the task...

Hope my idea is understandable, could you please help me?

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Nov 04, 2013 - 22:44 UTC

Hi Natalya,

For "read 1 chapter once a day" you can simply enter "everyday" as your due date and this will recur each day.

There is no syntax for twice in a week, but you can type something such as "every tuesday, friday" and that will recur each of those days.

The issue though is that if you do more than 1 chapter in a day, the task will not know that you did this, when you complete that task it move to the next occurrence (the next day). All you would have to do is check that one off as well, which works quite well with the "everyday" syntax. If you did not do it, it would become overdue, once you check this off it will move to the next occurrence, which currently would be the next day, we do not have a solution for this. Unfortunately, it does not really work with the second option (every Tuesday, Friday) as the next occurrence would be the next week.

I hope I was clear with this explanation.