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Messed up with Multi google account


if you are using the multi google account, using todoist emailing task is totally messed up.

****reproduce this problem: ***

login the firts google mail like:
add website task in todoist side bar.

and switch to another google email account like:
then, click the task you just added in last step, it tend lost track of the link.

the only way can fix it is: you have to recognized the source of the emailing task which is not possible, and you have to open the source google mail first then click the emailing task. Or you have to switch to a none google email page.

This is old bug since todoist update couple of years ago, which is change [[name|link]] to link (name), but it could be done by manually input fully link in task input area. but now as todoist change the way to treating emailing task shown, this can not be fixed by manual way.

Again, please make make thing in task as coding, let's say html, and put some layer function to parse it as simple result. which using this way, technical people can do it with the professial way with coding, and normal user can enjoy the different parse layer. which you can get rid of maintain the format things, and focus the api and layers (user can build their own).

Todoist can be a platform for a very wide uses, not just a todolist, don't limit with it's performance. Thank you.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Nov 01, 2013 - 12:42 UTC


Please clarify - what type of Google multi-accounts are you using? If you're just logging in between different accounts then it will indeed now know or recognize which one you were logged in when creating a certain task from an email.

A workaround for this would be either adding labels based on what account the email is related to or add them to separate sub-projects.

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