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I would like to use an IFTT (if this then that; IFTT.com) channell to send SMS emails to my todist inbox email address, so I can quickly dictate tasks thru sending myself a text and having IFTT forward it to my todoist inbox. Todoist is not recognizing the emails coming from IFTT im guessing, is there a way around this?

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Oct 28, 2013 - 21:55 UTC

Hi Gary,

I believe the problem might be with the SMS emails and how they are sent. To have an email sent to a Project and create the task, that email address needs to be in the accepted list of addresses (right click project, Email tasks to this Project, bottom of the popup).

I believe though, the way the SMS emails work is that every time it's sent it could be from a different email address. The solution, assuming they keep the same @addressending you can add a wildcard to the accepted list. So if its @gmail.com (to keep it simple) then you add just that to the list.

It could also be IFTT as well, and how it sends out the SMS, the solution would be the same thing.