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Tasks & notes added from android app lost & in unstable state


I organized some tasks on my android device, put some of them in subtasks, and added notes to most of them. I then checked "completed" by mistake on the level 0 task containing all others, and they all disapeared from my android app. I couldn't manage to find them in the android app (why is that by the way ?) so I went back to the web app.

I saw them under "completed tasks" of the project they were in, and they contained the notes I added. but something was fishy : I couldn't uncheck the sub tasks, only the level 0 task. Once I did that, I could uncheck the sub tasks only by going to the notes part and uncheking the task here to re-activate it. But then upon reload, my main task was again sent back to completed (although I never crossed it) and the sub tasks lost all their Notes ! (all the important data that I added was in the notes).

Now, I can see the sub tasks without their notes, and the main task is still marked as completed and the app refuses to mark it as undone as everytime I do so, upon reload it is sent back to complete (so your sync system must be rejecting this task as undone, no idea why).

So my question is : do you have a system to retrieve previous states of tasks so that I can get back the lost data (It is really bad to lose data in a todoist app, it scares me to hell that I could be losing anymore important tasks, even more so because I consider using todoist premium as I'm a heavy GTD & todos user (previously wunderlist, 2do, Astrid, TickTick ...) and I like the depth level of organisation by sub projects and sub tasks, which I use a lot in outliners (workflowy, omniOutliner).

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Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Oct 27, 2013 - 18:39 UTC

Hi Mathis,

Yes, on Todoist.com, Settings area, you can find the Backups section, and restore from those files, this should contain all your notes you have added.

Though, before doing that, please try logging out of your iOS devices, and clearing the cache for your browser that you use to access the web version, and then log back in. Let me know if the issues still persist.


mathis  premium
Replied on Oct 27, 2013 - 22:12 UTC

Thanks for your quick feedback, unfortunately the backups are daily and this happened in the timeframe of an hour (I may not have been complete enough in my explanations earlier), so this backup system would be useless to me for my particular problem. I was thinking more of a version control system (VCS) like tool, that you may posess server side at worst.

Fortunately though, my notes came back when looking at it again a few hours after the pb. I really don't know how : if it's as you said by disconnecting myself from both the webApp & the android app or if it's something that was made server side to resolve a conflicting update, but I'm happy I didn't lose any information :)