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What is "Connection timed out (DataConnectionErrorDomain error 8099)"?

I tried to send a mail from Google Apps account to other Google Apps account, and got this error: "Connection timed out (DataConnectionErrorDomain error 8099)".

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Sherwood Bishop  premium
Replied on Oct 22, 2013 - 18:42 UTC

That just happens when you have a problem connecting to the internet or to a particular site. Usually, you can just click a "Try again" button. Sometimes you have wait a while.

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Oct 22, 2013 - 18:52 UTC

Hi Chris,

Yes please clarify, are you trying to send an email to create a task within Todoist? Make sure that your email address is in the accepted area (right click project, Email tasks to this project).


Chris Yip
Replied on Oct 22, 2013 - 19:09 UTC

Hi, thanks for your responses.

In fact, this issue is not a bug of Todoist, it's about another app.

I just reported it in wrong place.

Sorry for making this trouble.

Best regards,