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Filters work differently depending on language setting

Dear customer support,

My task filters work differently on my devices / web service.
For instance on the web based version I have to add a space in front AND after a comma, separating two filters.

Recently Todoist appears in my language (non English), while before I had selected English as my preferred language.
It appeared the filters now are displayed in my mother language as well.
--> The filters work differently, depending on the language I have selected!
When I switch to English, they work fine. Switched back, they yield a different result!
The solution in my situation is to switch (all different browsers on different machines) to English again. I can imagine this is not the desired behaviour...

This needs someone looking into it, I suppose.

Thank you!

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 16, 2013 - 22:36 UTC

Hello Rein,

Please confirm, are you referring to the Dutch language? Also, could you please let us know what filters you're referring to exactly and copy paste a couple examples here? It would greatly help us to reproduce this issue.

Best regards,

Rein Ketelaars  premium
Replied on Oct 18, 2013 - 21:36 UTC

Hello David,

Dutch is my mother tongue.

In english my filter is: "@lopend,od,14days"
Switched to dutch my filter changes automatically to: "@lopend, over tijd, 14 dagen"
So the filter gets translated as well.
The difference is that the tasks in category @lopend and all over due tasks aren't shown any more... Only tasks in the following 14 days.
When I switch back to english, it works again...

When I change the filter to: "@lopend,overtijd,14dagen" it also works (spaces removed)!


David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 18, 2013 - 22:23 UTC

Hello Rein,

The overdue query is a bit "special" and it works best when used at the beginning of the search so:

over tijd, @lopend, 14 dagen

works correctly. I can confirm that "@lopend, over tijd, 14 dagen" doesn't work, and "@lopend,overtijd,14dagen" works and in English, it also only works when spaces are removed.

I will pass it to the developers, but for now please either don't use spaces or, if you wouldn't mind, put overdue tasks at the beginning.

Best regards,

David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 20, 2013 - 12:06 UTC


This issue has now been fixed and the search "@lopend, over tijd, 14 dagen" will work correctly.

Best regards,