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Handling recurring tasks and such when on vacation


Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on handling recurring tasks or other things normally done on particular days of each month when on vacation. For example, I'm going to be off work the rest of the week. Some things, I've arranged for others to handle. Other things, I've done early. Other things, I'll skip this month. Since I'm away from work, I don't want to mark it postponed and reduce my karma score. Yet it isn't purely accurate to mark things as done either.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome. Clearly, it's not a huge deal. Just wondering how others handle this type of thing.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 15, 2013 - 18:49 UTC

Hello Michele,

The best option is to indeed postpone them. You'll lose Karma for each postponed task only once while if you would leave them overdue, you would lose Karma each day.

That said, there are much more ways to gain than to lose Karma and if you treat it as a "productivity score" then losing some of it during a non-productive time would actually be accurate and again, you'll get it all back very quickly once you're back from vacation :)

Best regards,