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rearranging tasks sync


perhaps this is more of a suggestion.. unless i am missing a feature.

when i rearrange (drag and move around within one day for example) different tasks in the order that i would like to complete them on my ipad, then when i open the app on my iphone or in the chrome plugin, the order does not carry over.

i use the drag feature as a way to prioritize tasks throughout the day and then if something comes up, move them frequently. it would be great if the order of items got synced across all devices without having to manually assign priorities to each task. i know this is another way of handling it, but takes too long. dragging and dropping is much easier.

hope this made sense and hope you guys can make it happen. love the app otherwise!

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 11, 2013 - 11:35 UTC


Technically, the order should be synced across devices as long as you're not trying to drag & drop tasks that have specific due times such as "tod at 13:20" or "ev day at 2pm" - these will always stay at the top.

Please clarify - do these tasks have times? And are you manually syncing them on the other device? If you have a free account syncing won't work automatically.

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