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Firefox Gmail not Functioning Correctly


Firefox 24.0
Todoist Addon 3.7
No GLabs (Although it started when I had Labs on)

My process:
Click the + sign to add a task
Click "Add email as task"

I get a little gmail type envelope and the word "Inbox", which links to the correct email but not with the correct subject line.

This has been going on for some time now. When I used labs with "auto advance" I would get the last e-mail viewed's subject as the label. Until yesterday the task would occur within double brackets where the e-mail address would be followed by a comma and then the subject, and I could edit the title, but now it just comes up as the "Inbox" which obviously is not helpful. Interestingly, the link is to the correct e-mail and not to the e-mail with the subject header, so it is reading the e-mail correctly.

I turned off all of the Labs in the hopes that it would work correctly, in accordance with a question that I found elsewhere.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 08, 2013 - 17:42 UTC

Hello David,

We've changed the way tasks added from email messages are displayed and you will now no longer have to see the entire code for each mail as you edit the task.

However, you should not see "Inbox" as the subject of the email, but its real subject name.

The "Preview Pane" labs extension can indeed make it impossible to use this feature as we need to know what's the ID of the message and this extension hides the ID from the URL.

Please clarify step-by-step, how exactly are you adding a task from an email. I've tried to reproduce it now to no avail following these steps:
- Open Gmail
- Open the Todoist plugin (in Firefox 24.0)
- Enter a project
- Click on "Add email as task" at the bottom

and at this point, it added the correct name of the subject of this email.

I've repeated it, but this time using the "Quick Add" feature by clicking on the + icon in the top-right corner and it also worked correctly. It only showed "Inbox" as the project name to which this task will be added, but the subject line was correct again.

Best regards,

David  premium
Replied on Oct 08, 2013 - 17:56 UTC


I think I may have fixed it. I had forgotten that I had a script called "Better Gmail" running in the background. For some reason I had to restart twice in order for it to clear out, and that is why it continued to seem to not function.

When I am in the "Sent Mail" Folder I still get the folder and not the e-mail subject line, but I wouldn't know that except I mis-clicked so I am not worried about it. If it comes up again, I will carefully document what I am doing, and repost it to this question area.