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Next instances of task are not created for overdue recurring task


I have a task set to repeat on the first Saturday of every month. Last month I didn't complete this task, so it's still marked as overdue. This week I should have the next instance of this task, since the new month has arrived together with its first Saturday. However, this new task for October hasn't been created.

I suspect, that the next instance will be created when I complete the overdue recurring task. However, this is not very convenient. When I used Remember the Milk, next instances for such recurring tasks (set to repeat every N days/weeks/months/years) were created regardless of whether the previous task was completed or not. Sometimes I could see a couple of such instances at once and panic and run immediately off to complete them. :) It was rather motivating and I also had the full picture of what I needed to do on a given day/week.

The way Todoist handles this issue, I have a great chance of forgetting about the next instance of task altogether. This is especially true if I use mainly the Next 7 Days view.

Don't know if it's supposed to behave this way or something, but this is rather annoying. I understand that the best solution is to do everything on time and don't allow tasks become overdue. :) This is the ultimate goal of every task management system, after all. :) However, sometimes things happen. I'd really like to see my actual agenda for the day/week, including such recurring tasks.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 05, 2013 - 20:20 UTC

Hello Alexandra,

When a task is overdue, it should be even more alerting than multiple recurrences of the same task as you can more easily miss them if you don't look at the right timeframe while an overdue task will stick at the top all the time. Todoist always shows overdue tasks for the default views and also displays a red task count next to "today" if you have some overdue tasks.

This way, you have great flexibility to decide what to do with an overdue task. If it's something that you must complete eventually, once you do - check it off. If you can't complete the past instance anymore and you know you won't do it anymore until the next instance, simply right-click on it and choose "postpone". it will move it to the next occurrence and "force" you to actually make a decision about this task. We think this can be very motivating especially as you also lose Karma for postponing tasks :)

Best regards,