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Tasks Won't Stay Collapsed


I have a project with several tasks, most of which have subtasks. I've found that when I expand a particular task, some of the tasks below it, which also have subtasks, expand automatically. The following characteristics are 100% reproducible in this one project, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.

1. The project has 6 tasks, the first 5 of which have subtasks, the sixth of which is recurring.
2. If task 2 is collapsed, the others all behave normally. Task 2 has one subtask (it had more but they've been completed), which has 4 subtasks.
3. If task 2 is expanded one level, tasks 3 and 4 both automatically expand one level (and levels below that "remembering" where they were last). But their arrow icons are still pointing right as if they are not expanded.
4. If I click those arrow icons, they turn down and stay expanded. (As if it just expanded them, but didn't "know" they already were.)
5. If I click them again they collapse for a second or so, then expand again, with the arrow showing them collapsed.
6. If I go back to task 2 and expand it one more level (which is as far as it goes) tasks 3 and 4 start behaving correctly again! (Except that if task 3 or 4 are already in a state where the arrow shows collapsed and the view shows expanded, one more click on the arrow is needed to get back in sync.)
7. If I start again with everything collapsed and expand task 2 again, if its subtask is closed, I'll see the problem. If I then expand that subtask, tasks 3 and 4 will collapse again.
7a. As long as I leave task 2's subtask expanded, I can expand or collapse task 2 without experiencing a problem. It's only when task 2's subtask is collapsed and task 2 is expanded that tasks 3 and 4 keep showing themselves.

Any ideas? It's easy to work around, so I'll do that for now. If I can help you reproduce the problem or try some experiments just let me know.

One possible clues to reproducing this:
I know at some point that I dragged some subtasks from one parent to another. I also know I've done that before in other projects without having this trouble. I have no hope of figuring out or remembering what I dragged, but if you can't repro it that might be something to play with.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 04, 2013 - 20:08 UTC


Thank you for your report. I have created a project with 6 tasks, first 5 with sub-tasks, second with 1 sub-task having 4 active and 3 completed sub-sub-tasks.

I collapse all of them, then when I expand the second task, the third one also expands. When I collapse it - third one collapses too.

I have passed it to the developers and we'll look into it.

Best regards,

RivardIT  premium
Replied on Oct 05, 2013 - 00:33 UTC

Nice work, thanks! And fast!