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Couple of small "quirks" that should be easy to fix


Todoist is a fabulous app and I've been using it every day for six years! But there are a couple of "quirks" (I won't call them bugs) that are a bit annoying. One's been around since day one: when you filter tasks, the sort order seems rather random for undated tasks. You can reorder them but if you leave the view and go back, the order is lost. It would be good to preserve the sort order, and have a more default logical order. Viewing tasks for today, they should be sorted by priority so my p1 tasks appear at the top. It would be good to secondarily sort tasks by project, too, so when you filter for tasks that are undated, and the same priority, they will at least be in the same order as the "view all" list.

I suspect this is all very easy to implement and I think it will make a big difference to the ease of use.

Another "quirk" is quite new. I like the way you can now ctrl-click on projects to select/unselect them, but the selection of sub-projects when you click on a top level project is a bit erratic. It seems to depend on what's currently selected.

It would also be nice to be able to click on a top level project and not have the sub-projects appear. alt-click, perhaps? Again, should be easy to implement.

I realise these could go as "feature requests", but I figure they are just minor tweaks to existing features, that the developer can do pretty quick.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Kind regards

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 03, 2013 - 11:42 UTC

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your feedback.

Regarding sorting - the today or any other date-based view will always automatically sort tasks by time, then by priority and then, the rest that doesn't have neither a time nor a priority should be grouped by project. Reordering these tasks will also maintain the new order, except for tasks that have a due time as those are always at the top. If that's not how it works for you, Please try to clear your browser's cache, make sure you don't have a bookmark pointing to anywhere else than https://todoist.com and check if it happens in a different browser.

Regarding selecting projects - this was actually a very often requested feature, many of our users insisted that clicking on the parent project should show all tasks from sub-projects. We will look into alternative solutions to add an option to select just the parent project right-away, but for now please note that once you click on the parent project, you can then click on its name at the top of the list on the left side and it will show just this one project.

Best regards,