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label completion loses task description field

This seems to be new behavior as of today, but I've confirmed it with a version of Chrome and Firefox.

When filling out the task description body in the browser, I frequently use the @ symbol to attach labels to events. Typing the @ character brings up label completion, as it usually, does; however, at the end of completion, the body of the task is lost, and replaced solely with the "@label" text.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Oct 01, 2013 - 11:23 UTC

Hello Jake,

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. This issue is now fixed, please log out and back in to see the changes and if this won't help - also clear your browser's cache.

Best regards,

Jake Gage  premium
Replied on Oct 04, 2013 - 04:59 UTC

Thank you much, sir! It's been working well since: I'm sorry it took so long to send a follow-up note.

Thank you again.