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How to create Daily Tasks that don't stack?

Is there a way to create daily tasks that do not stack as "late" or between days if I do not complete them?

For example, meditating every day, and taking my vitamins.. I do not want these tasks from yesterday (if not checked off as complete) to appear today, yet I still want to see them daily or weekly or monthly to remind me to try and complete them.. There's no sense in my taking 2x the vitamins the next day, or meditating twice..

Perhaps if there is no way of adding these currently, this feature could be implemented as a "Habit" versus a task?

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Randolph Miller  premium
Replied on Sep 26, 2013 - 11:30 UTC


Not exactly sure what you mean when you say that you'd do something '2x' the next time you see the reminder.

If you have a daily Task scheduled, for example, and you didn't do it today (Thursday), tomorrow (Friday) it would show as being Overdue (one day), only. It would not appear as Overdue and due Today (to the best of my knowledge). If you took your vitamin or meditated at that time, and checked the Task as 'Complete', the 'every day recurrence' would recognize that and the Task would not be due again until the following day (Saturday).

The same would hold true for any length of recurrence (daily, weekly, etc.).

The only time that you could interfere with the recurrence pattern is if you clicked a 'Do it Today' on a recurring Task; I know this has been an issue in the past.

Do this help at all?

Best regards,
Randy Miller

Jon Moore
Replied on Sep 26, 2013 - 12:07 UTC

I figured it might be a bit confusing, here's what I'm referring to.

Lets say every day I have the task "Take Vitamins".

Lets say today is Monday, and I don't get around to taking them.

Now, on Tuesday, I'll have a new task called "Take Vitamins", plus another overdue one from yesterday that I'll have to mark as complete to dismiss, even though I never did it (nor do I plan on doubling up on my intake!!)

Not terrible if I have only one or two daily chores like this, but if I have a number of tasks that I'm trying to incorporate into becoming daily habits, I'll spend some time dismissing old tasks that are now marked Overdue.

So what I was referring to was the ability to set a task that has an automatic expiry of (for example, midnight)

That way I'd only ever have a maximum of a single occurrence of any task that I'm trying to make into a habit, and wouldn't have to go through yesterday's overdues, dismissing them.

I've spend lots of money on a number of different task managers, always to be bogged down by this omission in the featureset, as I end up with a ton of old overdue tasks that I have to spend time cleaning up.

I was impressed with the prompt customer service that Todoist offered, and quickly paid for a year in advance in order to experience it myself.

I'm actually so incensed about having a feature that has an auto expiry that I'd consider buying a second year today just to have it added. Not sure how easy it would be to create the option for an auto expiry or completion.. ;)

If there's a way to do this already, I'm all ears

Thanks again for your prompt and efficient response

David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 26, 2013 - 12:12 UTC

Hello Jon,

What you describe is not how Todoist works.

Example: you have a task "Take vitamins" set to "every day". You do not complete it today so tomorrow you will NOT see 2 tasks. You will just see one "Take vitamins" task with the date "yesterday". if you take your vitamins once for today and check off this task, it will go straight to tomorrow.

Todoist doesn't support "stacking tasks". Either you have indeed created 2 such tasks or you're experiencing a glitch in which case please try to log out, clear your browser's cache and log back in.

Best regards,

Jon Moore
Replied on Sep 26, 2013 - 20:59 UTC



This is what I needed to understand.. TBH, nothing has/had stacked yet. I figured that adding a daily task, then not completing it a number of days in a row would result in a handful of "stacked" overdo's

Guess not, perfect.