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Error moving a taks and making it a subtask


I encountered tho following error:
I went to a project, then moved a task to put it below a group of tasks (a task with suptasks). Then I edited the task I have moved, indented it with the arrow buttons to make it a subtask of the ones above.
It worked.
But when I go now to te today view, the task is shown doubled: One time as a subtask where I had moved it before and a second time as a normal task on the position it was before.
It seems to be the same task still, because when I change it it changes in both views...
Any hints?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 25, 2013 - 11:14 UTC

Hello Lars,

This is the way we display tasks on any search result page - each task that meets the search criteria is shown there separately and in addition to that, if the task that meets the criteria is a parent task, you have the option to view its sub-tasks for reference. If some of them also meet the search criteria, you will see them there too.

We think it's the best solution as the other alternatives would be:
- Showing tasks only under the parent task which could easily cause missing an important sub-task if you don't manually find it under a parent task and some parent tasks wouldn't even meet the criteria and be shown just so you can find the matching sub-task.
- Showing tasks only separately could also cause missing tasks because if you would not be able to see a parent task's sub-tasks for reference, you would have to go to the original project each time to check what sub-tasks it has.

With the current solution you have both - an overview of everything that matches the criteria and the option to check what sub-tasks belong to the parent task.

Best regards,