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I'm having difficulties checking which tasks were made in the past and I only got the option to check per project using the "Show completed tasks" button.

Is there a way to input in the search field a past day and check which tasks were done during that day?

Thank you for your product and hope I can get this option available, because its the only thing that is missing.

PS: using the "iCalendar feed" should be an option to keep the cleared tasks.

Best regards.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 18, 2013 - 13:20 UTC

Hello Eduardo,

Although you can't search for a past date and see tasks completed on that day, you can easily find them on the completed task list.

Aside from the list in each project, you can also click on the Karma score in the top-right corner and then on "View All Completed". This list shows all completed tasks across all projects and allows you to filter them by project or label. All items there are sorted by date so you can scroll down to whatever date you want to see and check all tasks completed that day, incl. completion events of recurring tasks.

Best regards,

Eduardo Melo
Replied on Sep 18, 2013 - 13:28 UTC

Hello David,

I still didn't had explored the Karma tab and I was surprised to find all the tasks done so far and with graphs included!

Thank you for the fast reply and also think about the features that I just mentioned, because it might be useful for the rest of the users of Todoist.

Best regards,

David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 18, 2013 - 13:31 UTC


We will consider it, but it may not be completely possible. The feed only carries the data you currently have on Todoist and completed tasks are treated differently - they're not cached locally, are stored on the server and frankly, including them in the feed could make it very large and introduce syncing issues. Nonetheless, we'll keep it in mind and see what can be done.

Best regards,