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Using !! !! causes problems when you start with the number 1

Hello there,

I've noticed that if I attempt to put in !!1THING:!! it turns out like:


Rather than going bold and looking like:


It seems it has an issue if you use the number 1 right after the first "!!". Furthermore this happens on both Mac & PC -- every browser. Not an issue on the mobile app.

Please let me know what you think when you have a moment.


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David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 12, 2013 - 22:41 UTC

Hello Jake,

The shortcuts !!1, !!2, !!3 and !!4 are used to set a priority for a task (same as !p1, !p2 etc.). Please use a space about the words you want to format. If you type in !! 1THING: !! it will work as it should and not interfere with the priority shortcut.

Best regards,

Jake Love  premium
Replied on Sep 12, 2013 - 23:15 UTC

Oh!! Well I got my question answered and learned a new shortcut!