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Date field is quirky shown

Hi Todoist-Fellows,

please have a try:
Enter a task with a due-date on the same weekday next week (on today, it would be the 19th).

Expected: the due-date shown would be the 19th

Experienced: the due-date is shown as "thursday".
This is misleading because TODAY is thursday. Please make it show 19th.

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 12, 2013 - 11:43 UTC

Hello Christoph,

When I've typed in "12" to the date field, it was set correctly to "today". When I type in "today" - same result. When I type in "Thursday" or "Thu", then it also correctly sets the task to the next available Thursday.

To simplify setting a due date, Todoist will always look for the "next best" or "next available" day or date. This way, if you would forget that today is Thursday and would want to set a task for next Thursday, you can just type in Thursday and Todoist will schedule it for the right Thursday. If you want to do a task today, you can just type "today" or "tod" and again - without knowing what day today is.

Best regards,