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Todist Karma


What is Todist Karma?

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David Trey  staff
Replied on Sep 11, 2013 - 22:17 UTC

Hello Terry,

Todoist Karma is a point/score system that can motivate you to complete tasks and in general - get productive :)

Each time you complete a task, add a task, use Todoist or even post here in the support section - you gain Karma. When you postpone a task or leave it overdue for more than 3 days, you lose Karma.

It has no impact on the app and any features at all, it's just a fun way of keeping track of your productivity as you can try to get more positive than negative Karma and advance to next Karma levels.

Best regards,

David Donovan
Replied on Nov 04, 2013 - 21:53 UTC

Hi David,

Can we turn off karma? I don't really find it useful or fun.


David Donovan

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Nov 04, 2013 - 22:20 UTC

Hi David,

Yes it can be turned off, under your Account Settings page (top right corner).


David Donovan
Replied on Nov 04, 2013 - 22:36 UTC

Awesome! Thanks!

Replied on Jan 15, 2014 - 22:35 UTC

I think the karma points are cool, I just don't get the productivity bar graphs down below. I know they're trying to tell me something and I desperately want to know what it is!

David Trey  staff
Replied on Jan 16, 2014 - 12:49 UTC


If you're referring to the horizontal bars right below the Karma graph - these represent the colors of the projects in which you've completed tasks at the given timeframe. So if you've completed 2 tasks, one from a yellow project, one from a red project - the bar will be split in half (yellow/red).

Best regards,

njblive  premium
Replied on Sep 12, 2014 - 15:05 UTC

Perhaps I've missed it, but what are the intervals to update karma? It seems very inconsistent

Brendon Wadey  staff
Replied on Sep 12, 2014 - 15:08 UTC


It is random actually, it can change from time to time.


Patrick Honegger  premium
Replied on Nov 06, 2014 - 10:14 UTC

Hi there

IMHO to postpone a task should not give negative karma!

I often have task, where I wait for input from other people. In this cases, the due date is just to give me a reminder, that I may do a follow-up to get the info I need.

In such cases, I make a note in the task and postpone it to next week (+ 6 days). Sometimes, I just postpone it to give the third party an additional day or two. :-)

I get negativ karma for postponing, but actually I worked on the task? Not motivating, from my point of view.

Paddy :-/

Clyde Romo  staff
Replied on Nov 06, 2014 - 10:30 UTC

Hi Paddy,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! There are certainly exceptions and we'll look into making the Karma system more intelligent in the future. :-)


Patrick Honegger  premium
Replied on Nov 06, 2014 - 10:32 UTC

Just for your information: although I have postponed a task several times I did not get a negativ karma yet. So, maybe the system is already more intelligent then I thought.